Telephone call

I had this whole post planned out in my head and now well it doesn’t matter! I just have a few words to say: I am one lucky girl to have that lady in my life! If she wasn’t in my life I wouldn’t be here now. I owe her so much! Advertisements

Over and Over!

Sorry it has been so long. I have been to laying on the ground and then standing up again. I feel like I have hit my bottom and then I have come up but it keeps happening over and over and over again. I hate my depression. I hate my self injury. I hate taking … Continue reading

Just get it, please!!

Hurt, torn, broken, no more trust to be given out. Their is no one I feel like I can really turn to anymore. Yes, my emails might be “pointless” their pointless for a reason because I want to talk but I don’t know the words to express myself to you. So I am sorry for … Continue reading

Burn just burn to the ground.

Even though last night was a very shitty work out. Not the workout it self just the people in the work out class I still had a great calorie burn!! I’m not gonna post all my calories that I eat and everytime I work out. I just though it would be nice to compare two … Continue reading

I hate complainers!!

When I go to work out I don’t complain why, because I am their to get my ass kicked! I don’t understand why someone would come to work out and complain about every little thing! I give looks in class looks are my thing my eye roll or whatever but its because people complain if … Continue reading

One last meal…

I always do this and it usually happens on the weekend. Anyways I always tell my husband let’s go out for one last nice meal because tomorrow I really need to buckle down and get this fat off me. So, we went out to Red Robin last nice. It was a good meal. When we … Continue reading

It’s none of your business!!

When it comes to you and your job I think their is a dividing line on how much you have to share about your “mental health”. I had to have my Doctor fill out a questionnaire stating that I was capable to do the work. Ya OK no big deal. However no this their were … Continue reading

In the zone!

If only I could work out all day long that would be amazing and I wouldn’t be able let my mind wander! I love challenging work outs especially when we do deep squats with a press. Now let me tell you a deep squat at 300 pounds is hard enough, but when I am adding … Continue reading

Breathing, Just Breathing.

I can’t even begin to tell you where this post is going to lead me and what I might say. I was ready to do a “happy” post about my new job and such but that doesn’t matter any more. Ok, I guess I will give you my badge pic: I have a feeling it … Continue reading